Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am not the most articulate person out there. I am not the most creative person. I am not the smartest, prettiest, or most talented person. I am average. But I am happy. I love my life, and am excited for what the future holds.

I am a knitter. I have learned much about knitting in the past 2-3 years, and am very enthusiastic about my creations. Starting in scarves as most knitters do, I soon mastered the square shape and grew tired of it. I took a class at my local on sweaters, and soon learned increases and decreases to make shapes. Not long after that I learned cables and socks, and have been unstoppable since. Starting with a donation of yarn from my husband’s grandma, my stash has grown. A lot of it is acrylic yarn that I can use either for donated items, or I can donate the yarn to Girl Scout troops, or elementary schools or what have you. I do have a decent amount of yarn that I would not use for donation though. I have embraced this hobby fully and don’t see myself turning back. I have constant little goals with each project, and find myself finishing more and more wearable items. Sweaters, hats and socks have been finished most recently and each time I finish another project, I find a slight panic. What will I do next? Do I have enough yarn for whatever project I plan on working next? After researching and looking through the stash each time, I find something, even if I feel it a “filler project” to tide me to the next. I know there is no shortage of yarn or patterns for me to knit, and yet I find the panic after the pride of finishing. It is getting to the point that if it is knitted and I am wearing it, chances are I made it. Not fully just yet, but I see that coming soon.

I also am a wife to my wonderful and understanding husband. While he doesn’t always love the habit (yarn can get expensive) he supports me in my endeavors. He understands the need to create something in an artistic fashion as he is a musician.

I am currently working on a sweater that my mother gave me for Christmas two years ago. She purchased the yarn, pattern, and some needles and stitch markers even, and I put it aside as I was working on something else at that point. The yarn is a lovely alpaca blend in a pea green color (one of my favorites!). While in the panic of deciding upon a new project recently, I stumbled across the yarn and pattern for this sweater. Deciding it was about time I started that gift, I cast on. I am probably about 65% finished with the sweater, and it will be a good travel project. My husband and I are about to take a vacation. We are taking a cruise to Alaska. The sweater will travel well and naturally at each port I will find a yarn store to purchase my souvenir skeins. On the off chance I finish the sweater, I will be able to work on some socks or something. No need for panic while on vacation!

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